Duro Garage Doors

Duro provides modern and attractive roll up doors suitable for single or double garages, shop fronts, counters, kiosks and sheds. The patented designs with components are built to last and offer a ...Readmore

Duro Windows

All of Duro’s standard and non-standard window types include residential, industrial and school type windows. The ranges also include awning type windows in standard and ...Readmore

Duro Aluminium

Duro’s aluminium range is made of high quality aluminium, using 30.5 mm heavy casement materials. Aluminium sidelights include Duro’s standard range of sizes 321, 621 and 921 and are also...Readmore

Duro Processing

Duro’s processed products are all dipped in red oxide paint that provides excellent protection against metal corrosion and degradation. Door Frames are available in knock down ...Readmore